How to choose your feng shui protection symbols wisely

I am re-reading a brilliant book called “Earth Harmony: Places of Power, Holiness and Healing” by Nigel Pennick (compare prices.) If you are interested in understanding the craft of earth harmony, as the author puts it, this is a must read. The book is loaded with -like examples from all over the world – from Madagascan Vintana to Hindu Vastuvidya to the old European system of Location.

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Once you have been applying for a while you begin to understand that every ancient culture has its own form of balancing earth energies and on a deeper level they all connect.

Some of the most popular feng shui cures are the feng shui cures for protection and good luck. Should you look into feng shui tips for protection? Yes, you should, especially for your main door.

However, the desire for protection should not come form fear, but from a basic understanding that there is a wide variety of energies all around us, and some of those energies are best left outside our homes.

Whenever you are applying feng shui it is very important to apply it intelligently, meaning if you do not understand a feng shui cure or just do not like it, trust your judgment and find a different way to achieve the same result.

For example, in traditional Chinese feng shui the bagua mirror is often used outside homes for protection. Would you use a bagua mirror on your main door? I know I wouldn’t. What I would do, though, is understand what the bagua mirror does, feng shui-wise, and then look for a visually acceptable way to substitute it.

The “Earth Harmony” book (compare prices) has many old European designs for protection that can work beautifully with the architectural style of your home.

Smart feng shui is always applied in a subtle way, go for it and you will empower yourself, as well as start sensing real changes in your home.

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