What is the best color in feng shui for front door?

Question: What is the Best Front Door Color?

There are so many (seemingly) contradictions in Feng Shui that I am more confused than ever. My house is “seated” North and my front door is facing South. Some books say that the feng shui color of the front door should be “ruled” by the direction the house is seated and others say that the color of the front door should be ruled by the feng shui direction the front door is facing.

new front doors What is the best color in feng shui for front door?

So, I have a choice of blues and blacks for the seating direction. And reds, purples and orange colors (even green one feng shui website said) for the facing direction. Could you please explain or help me make my decision?

Answer: Very good question. Let me help clarify your confusion with the feng shui direction of your house and with the right feng shui colors for your front door.

The feng shui information you quoted seems contradictory, because it uses different ways to define the feng shui of your front door. Some feng shui consultants define the house by its facing direction, others by its seating direction. Both ways are acceptable; the most common feng shui way being defined by the facing direction, or the compass reading from your front door.

No matter which feng shui way is being used, though, your front door is still facing the same direction, isn’t it?

Front doors are very important in feng shui, because it is through the front door* that the house absorbs Chi, or universal energy.

In feng shui the front door is called “the mouth of Chi”, and a good feng shui front door will attract the highest energy and nourish well the house you live in. This will provide you with the best quality of energy to nourish and sustain good health, happy relationships and professional success.

So, you know that your front door is facing South. You also know that you need to use feng shui colors for your front door wisely in order to attract the best quality of Chi. The feng shui element of the South area is Fire, and you know the feng shui Fire element colors are red, orange, yellow, purple, and strong pink, or magenta.

You can also use the Wood element colors, such as green and brown, for a South facing door, because Wood feeds the Fire in the productive cycle of the five feng shui elements.

It is also wise to strengthen with right feng shui colors the “backing of the house”, or its seating direction, so that the house has the strength to hold the good energy that comes in.

Knowing that your seating direction is North, you can use the appropriate colors for the feng shui element of the North, which are blue and black colors.

For example, you can paint your back door in any of the Water or Metal colors (Metal creates Water in the interaction of the five feng shui elements), or paint a feature wall in the back of your house in these feng shui colors. Alternatively, you can display good feng shui art with Water or Metal feng shui element energy.

Of course, it is best to focus on the right feng shui colors and adjustments only after you have defined the Bagua, or the feng shui energy map of your space.

Good luck with attracting best feng shui energy into your home!

*Please note that in the more advanced feng shui applications there are several other ways the house can open to absorb more Chi nourishment. Ask your for guidance on how your house can attract better energy.

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