How to live clutter-free in a small house?

Getting rid of your clutter is no walk in the park. I know. I have worked with many clients over the years, and the issue of clutter always brings a tremendous energy of resistance.

Clutter Free How to live clutter free in a small house?

There will always be excuses, but even in the most challenging situations there is always a solution. Where there is a will, there is a way. Do you have the will?

Then you just need a little help with the way.

Two things that should make you feel more inspired (and determined!) in dealing with your clutter are:

    1. Clutter clearing will feel like powerful therapy sessions, and you do not have to pay for them – they are Freeee!
  1. It feels amazing to live clutter-free, and you absolutely deserve it. So, one might say, you owe yourself the experience of living in a clutter-free home.

Sometimes you might find yourself in a difficult situation, especially if you are sharing space with other people. Can you clear other people’s clutter? And, do other people’s clutter ruins the good feng shui for you?

Let’s look into a situation when you are sharing space with other people and have to deal with either your clutter (created by limited space to accommodate all your items) or the clutter of people you are sharing the space with.

The first step is to define what is it that you can live without for a specific amount of time (define the timeline for yourself, as connected to your future plans.)

Next, if you cannot “house” all the items you own in your current living environment, you have to find a storage solution and pack everything that you do not use, want or need.

There is really no way around it, because when you create storage out of your living space, the feng shui energy of your home becomes blocked and stagnant until you release it and open the space for a fresh flow.

There is plenty of affordable storage solutions, do find a way to rent one.

Let me emphasize this again: clearing clutter is hard. In the process of clutter clearing you will have to deal with your own emotional resistance, money fears, as well as all the staff that stops you from living life more fully. However, once your room is cleared and you have only what you absolutely love and need, you will start seeing fresh, good changes in your life in no time!

If you think of applying feng shui or clutter clearing activities to the space of your roommates or parents, I would have to advise you against it. Unless you are asked to help, of course. In general, it is not good to feng shui other people’s spaces unless specifically asked (please note this does not apply to your young children’s rooms.)

Getting to a place where your living space feels free and fresh can take some time and courage. Letting go is not easy, but it tends to always turn for the best, doesn’t it? You have to find the courage to let go of all the things you do not really need, especially if you live in a small home.

And here is a good feng shui trick for you. If after 6 or 9 or 12 months (whatever timeline you defined for yourself) you do not remember what you have in the storage, do not even open the boxes! Give them all away to charity, somebody might really benefit from what you own but do not really need.

Your kindness will start creating ripples of good energy – excellent feng shui!

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