Enhance your health with these simple feng shui tips

There is a powerful energy connection between three areas in your home that are related to your well-being: your bedroom, your bathroom and your kitchen.

healthy living woman1 Enhance your health with these simple feng shui tips
This feng shui trinity needs to be treated right, because your healthis connected to it on a very deep level.

Think about how you start and how you end your day, and how many times you walk this pathway: wake up in the bedroom, off to the bathroom, breakfast in the kitchen, leave home.

The same pathway, but in a different order, happens at the end of the day. In a subtle, but powerful feng shui way, the first things you see and experience as you wake up set the energy of the day for you.

It is important to treat yourself well and take care of all the little feng shui details to make sure you encounter the most supportive energy throughout your day.

From installing a dimmer switch in your bathroom in order to control the levels of light to always keeping your kitchen clean and bright in order to send healing energy to your body – what feng shui changes can you make to your home feng shui trinity today?

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