How to create good feng shui energy for basement apartment?

of a basement apartment tends to be quite challenging and low energy for three main reasons: lack of natural light, insufficient air circulation, as well as its typical half-underground position, or location.

 MCB6921 How to create good feng shui energy for basement apartment?

The feng shui energy of a basement apartment will also vary depending on what is happening upstairs, meaning which room is located right above you. A bathroom, a cluttered storage space, a busy home office, or even a busy kitchen will certainly contribute to a denser/busier quality of feng shui energy.

How can feng shui help you improve the energy of a basement apartment and make you feel better? Let’s look at some feng shui basics.

    • Improve the quality of air with air-purifying plants that tolerate low light levels, or with essential oils, and certainly with opening your windows as often as possible.
    • Improve the quality of light. Ideally, you will have at least three layers of lighting, see that the lighting makes you feel good/cozy/relaxed. Color is light, so bringing vibrant colors is essential for a basement apartment good feng shui energy (see short video tip on feng shui colors)
  • Bring vibrant art with good feng shui, or photos and various high energy images to raise the energy of your basement apartment.

As for the outside – if you have access to the outside – see if you can bring to your outside area a beautiful and strong item, let’s say a big terracota planter with a tall plant that greets you every time you come home and every time you leave.

This is a feng shui cure that you can easily take with you when you move, as it is not a permanent solution.

Focus on creating/inviting good energy and be creative with your feng shui solutions. You can have a beautiful basement apartment with good feng shui energy if you put your mind (and your energy!) into it.

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