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Simple feng shui tips to remedy the direct alignment of doors in your house

Page 237 _39050194 One of the most frequent feng shui questions I receive is about the alignment of doors (both interior and exterior) and the influence of such door alignment on the feng shui energy of your home. The topic of doors alignment in feng shui has also been briefly discussed in the feng shui forum. As this

The principles of feng shui for your house numbers

The concept of numbers in feng shui is a highly charged one. Feng shui of number 4 seems to be the one taking most of the hits, all based in a misunderstanding of a cultural interpretation (read how number 4 came to be considered bad feng shui.) In connecting to the feng shui of your

How to choose best feng shui shape, colors and design for my main entry rug?

Question: How Do I Choose Best Feng Shui Shape, Design and Colors for My Main Entry Rug? Answer: Main entry is very important in feng shui as it is through the main entry that the house absorbs Chi, or universal energy, for its own nourishment. The better quality Chi your house absorbs, the better quality

Why is a mirror facing the main door very bad feng shui?

Question: Why is a Mirror Facing the Main Door Bad Feng Shui? Answer: Mirrors are called the aspirin of feng shui for a good reason. With the proper placement of mirrors, you can considerably shift the feng shui energy flow and create better feng shui in a home or office.

Staircase facing the main door, is a bad feng shui?

Question: Is A Staircase Facing the Front Door Bad Feng Shui? I am curious about the feng shui of a location of the front door in a home. I’ve been told by a friend that if the front door opens into the foyer in front of a staircase it creates massive amounts of negative energy