How can i apply feng shui principles to decorate my living room?

Question: How Can I Use To Decorate My Living Room?
I am diligently applying feng shui in my home and am looking for more info on the living room feng shui. What is the best feng shui decor and furniture arrangement for a living room?

Answer: Good feng shui in the living room will be based on the same energy foundation as good feng shui for the whole home.

Interior Design Living Room Apartment 1 How can i apply feng shui principles to decorate my living room?

Clean, clutter free, good quality air and good quality light are the minimum good feng shui basics for any living space.

Having a clear organization system is a must for good feng shui in your living room, especially if you have children, otherwise you will find yourself constantly taking care of your space. Contrary to the popular belief, children can help you with keeping the living room clean, it is just a matter of clear communication.

Choosing a good feng shui decor scheme for your living room usually requires a bit of work. It is best to start with understanding the feng shui bagua, or energy map of your home. Once you know the feng shui area your living room is located in, you will have clarity on the best choice of colors, shapes and materials based on the feng shui element that needs to be supported.

For example, if your living room is in the South feng shui bagua area, you will be encouraged to strengthen the Fire and Wood feng shui elements, so reds, oranges, yellows, as well as all shades of greens and browns will be excellent feng shui for your living room.

In your quest to create best feng shui decorating for your living room do not forget that you need all five feng shui elements, just in different proportions, so be sure not to eliminate, for example, the water feng shui element in the South area, just limit it in relationship to the other feng shui elements.

As for the best feng shui furniture arrangement, your goal is to provide for a clear, unobstructed flow of energy, while at the same time creating areas with warm, cozy, social and centered feng shui energy.

Basically, as you stand at the entrance to your living room, visualize energy as water flowing into the room. Would the stream of water flow freely and smoothly? Would it get stuck in many areas of your living room? Will it rush right out the big window or another door aligned with the living room door?

Find out more about the use of mirrors, water features, art and various feng shui symbols while decorating your living room. Be sure there is no sha chi, or sharp energy pointing at your seating areas, or at the areas where you or your loved ones spend a lot of time (for example, if you have a home office area as part of your living room.)

While it is important to explore the feng shui guidelines and do your best in applying them in your living room decor, do not forget that it is your house you are decorating!

Best feng shui is to create a home that nourishes you, supports your energy and makes you feel happy and content.

After all the feng shui analysis is said and done, you are the only one to know what truly makes you happy; so give yourself permission to create a happy, warm and welcoming home.

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