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Can feng shui health solutions help me lose weight?

Question: Can Feng Shui Health Tips Help Me Lose Weight? I want to lose weight, how can I enhance my house with feng shui guidelines (crystals, colours, etc) to help me with my goal? Thank you, I appreciate your time. Answer: The first place you should focus your feng shui efforts when trying to lose

What shape of the dining table is best according to feng shui

Question: We are looking into buying a new dining table, what shape would work best? Answer: Generally, a round or oval table is considered better than a square or a rectangle one. However, if you feel that a square or rectangle table would work better for the shape of your dining room, be sure to

Remedy feng shui of a bathroom over the main door in your house

One of the concerns you might have with the feng shui of a new or existing house is a bathroom over the main entry. As the main door is very important in feng shui, should you consider a house with a bathroom over the main door to have bad feng shui? Well, first let me

Where is love and relationships area in the bathroom?

Question: I Need Feng Shui Help, My Bathroom is in the Love and Relationships Area! Please help, I just realized my bathroom is in the Love and Marriage area!! No wonder I am still single. Can you give me some good feng shui cures and tips to change this bad feng shui situation? Thank you!

Everything for the money area in the bathroom according feng shui

Question: Feng Shui Tips for A Money Area in the Bathroom My feng shui money area is in the bathroom; what easy feng shui cures can I add to increase the money flow? Answer: A bathroom in the feng shui money area is certainly a challenge. In fact, a bathroom in any feng shui bagua