The bathroom in the center of house, is bad feng shui?

Question: Is It Bad To Have a Bathroom in the Center of My Home?

Answer: A bathroom in the center of the house is usually considered bad feng shui. As the center of the house is the heart of the space in feng shui, also called the yin-yang point; you usually want to have it open, light and with a sense of beauty to it.

DLP 0282A The bathroom in the center of house, is bad feng shui?

Feng Shui-wise, the center of your house is also considered the area from which all the other guas (or feng shui areas) receive energy from.

Now, what do you do if your bathroom is in the center of the house? Do you place a big mirror on the door as a feng shui cure? I would say “No”.

Ideally, the center of the house has to be light and open / happy; it is called the heart of the home in feng shui and in many ways it is directly connected to the health of your heart.

First and foremost, make a constant effort of keeping your bathroom clean and clutter free.

In addition:

    • Bring a sense of beauty to your home center bathroom.
    • Take good care of the quality if its air.
    • Be mindful of the quality of light in your bathroom.
  • Bring feng shui cures of the Earth or Fire feng shui elements, be it expressed in colors, decor items, shapes or more. These two feng shui elements are good for the energy of the center of your home.

You can create beauty and good feng shui energy anywhere in your home, be it your dark basement or the busy storage space; all it takes is strong determination coupled with a bit of hard work.

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