Improve your health and well-being by simple feng shui tips

Martha is in her late thirties. She is very busy with her job in real estate development, and enjoys all the material benefits that come with a successful career. What she definitely does not enjoy is the frequent sleepless nights, along with the panic attacks that always come unexpectedly. Can a new  energy flow make things better?

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Here’s what was happening in Martha’s space:

    • The kitchen was strikingly cold and unfriendly. Yes, there were all the latest appliances and nice countertops, but there was no warm presence, let alone elements of nourishing feng shui energy – fruits, herbs, water bottles, cooking oils, etc.
    • The bedroom was very exposed and contained little nourishing energy. Surrounded by wall to wall windows with magnificent view, on an energy level it felt vulnerable, cold and overexposed.
    • She had several big paintings from a successful artist portraying women in emotional distress running away from somebody whose only back could be seen to the viewer.
  • Overall, the most predominant colors were white and aluminum finishes; the space was missing a more vibrant quality of life expressed in different colors, shapes, fabrics, etc according to the feng shui five elements theory.

Here’s what we did:

    • Feng shui color was brought into the kitchen with chocolate walls, a series of black and white photography, as well as several terracota pots with vibrant rosemary plants. A bigred bowl was filled with fruits and a row of water bottles was now on the countertop, along with several big glass jars filled with black rice, pasta and macadamia nuts (her favorite.)
    • Custom made draperies were installed on the wall-to-wall bedroom windows to allow Martha to close them when needed and feel cocooned and protected.
    • Several pieces of art that created a disturbing emotional feel were all put together and are presently in just one spot – her home office wall – hopefully to be let go of at some point. We placed 5 stocks of vibrant feng shui bamboo shoots in her office to counteract the energy from the mentioned art, and Martha is looking now for art that makes her feel happy and uplifted, be it from a renowned artist or a lesser known name.
    • New bolder color pieces are finally finding their way to Martha’s home, and even though she takes her time with it, the space already feels warmer and more welcoming. The boldest piece for now is a bright aqua color designer sofa that brought a unique feng shui sense of relaxing refreshment to the space.
  • We placed a big mirror in the feng shui East area of her space, which is connected to herHealth & Well-Being. Positioned so that it draws on the beautiful view, the mirror expands and uplifts the space.

Here are the results:

Martha says she definitely feels better at home and even started cooking, which she never enjoyed before. She sleeps much better, and although the panic attacks are still there, she knows the healing will take time. All in all, she is very happy with the new feng shui feeling in her space.

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