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How to choose your feng shui protection symbols wisely

I am re-reading a brilliant book called “Earth Harmony: Places of Power, Holiness and Healing” by Nigel Pennick (compare prices.) If you are interested in understanding the craft of earth harmony, as the author puts it, this is a must read. The book is loaded with feng shui-like examples from all over the world –

How to determine my main door according to feng shui?

Question: How Do I Determine My Main Door, or My Front Door, According to Feng Shui? What is the best way to determine your main door or front door for feng shui purposes? We live on waterfront property, so this is our “main” door for most activities, especially during the summer. The door we come

What is the best color in feng shui for front door?

Question: What is the Best Feng Shui Front Door Color? There are so many (seemingly) contradictions in Feng Shui that I am more confused than ever. My house is “seated” North and my front door is facing South. Some books say that the feng shui color of the front door should be “ruled” by the

Meaning of main door in feng shui?

Question: What is the Meaning of A Strong Front Door, or Main Door in Feng Shui? I am a bit confused on the meaning of strong feng shui front door. My understanding is that is is very important to have a front door with strong feng shui, but how exactly does a “strong feng shui