Feng Shui Tips

4 simple steps help you sell your house in with Feng Shui

Knowing how to sell your house with feng shui will save you time, money and help avoid useless effort. The ancient art of feng shui has many “how to” tips that can help sell your house the easy way.So, if you plan to sell your house, or have been trying to sell your house for

Something you should keep in mind before buying a foreclosure house according to feng shui

Are you looking into buying a foreclosure house? Even though buying a foreclosure house is usually considered bad feng shui, this does not mean that a foreclosure house will always be in the “bad feng shui” category. First, be sure you understand why a foreclosure house is considered bad feng shui. Second, study our checklist below

Something you should keep in mind before buying a condo, apartment according to feng shui

If you are looking to buy a new condo, or apartment, your feng shui criteria will certainly be different from the feng shui criteria of buying a house. Still, good feng shui is good feng shui, and understanding what good energy is made of comes in handy when you decide to go house hunting. Study the

Something you should keep in mind before buying a house according to feng shui

Buying a house can be a fascinating experience, even if at times filled with fear and doubts. Applying feng shui to the process of buying a house is a wise investment on many levels – it will give you peace of mind, as well as assure that your house is a good financial investment. Good