Something you should keep in mind before buying a foreclosure house according to feng shui

Are you looking into buying a foreclosure house? Even though buying a foreclosure house is usually considered bad , this does not mean that a foreclosure house will always be in the “bad ” category.

foreclosure house up for sale Something you should keep in mind before buying a foreclosure house according to feng shui

First, be sure you understand why a foreclosure house is considered bad feng shui. Second, study our checklist below carefully and be honest with yourself. Can you make the best out of buying a foreclosure home? It takes time and effort to create good feng shui in a foreclosure house, but it is possible.

1. Apply the Feng Shui Checklist for Buying A House

No matter a foreclosure house or not, first be sure the house has a good feng shui backbone, so to speak. There are no perfect feng shui houses out there, but some houses are sure less work than the others.

In order to create good feng shui in the foreclosure house you are looking at, do you have to go through extensive renovations or just minor changes?

Do you know the factors you should look for in buying a house with a good feng shui potential? Study the 5 feng shui house buying tips to be sure the foreclosure house you are looking at has a good potential.

2. Be Sure You Know How To Clear the Energy of A Foreclosure Home

Space clearing is very important when you move into a foreclosure home. Places have memories, so the loss of financial, as well as emotional security, created a lot of negative energy in a foreclosure house.

Do not move into a foreclosure home until you have done a serious job of space clearing. Even after you moved in, be sure to make a habit of paying attention to the quality of house energy and regularly space clear it.

If you are sure you can make a habit out of space clearing – and that is, after you did a major initial space clearing! – then you can confidently look into your new home purchase.

3. Start Smart: Leave All Your Clutter Behind

Before moving into a new home it is always best to get rid of all your clutter. Yes, I know, some of you will read this with an “Ahuh, yeah, right..” attitude. I know.

I do hope, though, that you decide to commit to your health and happiness rather than toyour clutter and weakness. The choice is sure yours, but know that moving into a foreclosure home with all your clutter is a recipe for disaster.

Forewarned is forearmed, as they say!

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