Basic tips feng shui for children’s art in your home or office

of art in your home or office is a great topic to look into and experiment with. Just like working with colors and shapes, working with good art as a cure can bring you the best energy needed in your space.
Homes Organsiation Featur 001 Basic tips feng shui for childrens art in your home or office
Please note that when I say “feng shui art”, I do not mean Asian calligraphy or art depicting specific feng shui cures, such as chimes, crystals, Chinese symbols, etc. Best feng shui art is the art that brings you a vibrant quality of energy that lifts and nourishes your personal energy.

Best feng shui art is also the art that has specific colors, shapes and images suited to nourish the feng shui element of a specific feng shui bagua area of your home.

Art with good feng shui can be any carefully selected image, from a powerful waterfall image with strong blue and white colors in your Career feng shui area (Water element) to a field of scarlet red poppies in the South (Fire element).

There are numerous sources to find beautiful art for your home: from creative Ikea decor solutions to expensive art galleries. However, have you looked into your own children’s art as a source of good decorating?

Children’s art often bursts with creativity, inspiration and a unique vibrant energy. They are the ones choosing the boldest colors, images and outrageous shape combinations!

Frame your children’s art and find the best feng shui area to place it in your home or office. Generally, the West/Creativity and Children area is a good spot to display your children’s art, but you can use it anywhere in your home as long as you follow the basic bagua guidelines for feng shui elements and colors.

For example, you would avoid strong fiery images in the East area or strong water images in the South. Once you are familiar with the basic interplay of the five feng shui elements, sky is the limit is creating/bringing happy feng shui vibes into your home with your children’s art.

Last tip: be sure to use good frames for your children’s art. Hanging the art with tape or pins is a poor feng shui choice. In selecting the frames, again be aware of the feng shui elements and do not choose many metal frames for the East bagua area, for example, or for the Southeast.

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