Feng Shui for House

How can i apply feng shui principles to decorate my living room?

Question: How Can I Use Feng Shui To Decorate My Living Room? I am diligently applying feng shui in my home and am looking for more info on the living room feng shui. What is the best feng shui decor and furniture arrangement for a living room? Answer: Good feng shui in the living room

Feng shui solution for your very small kitchen

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home not only in feng shui, but in many, if not all, old cultures. Feng Shui wisdom adds the element of the state of your kitchen reflecting the state of your health; as well as attracting the flow of wealth and abundance into your life. The kitchen

How to create good feng shui for your kitchen

Your kitchen is the feng shui part of the home that nourishes and sustains life. Feng shui-wise, it is the most important part of your home. The kitchen is also a feng shui symbol of wealth and prosperity, thus: for good feng shui, it is best not to have your kitchen close to the front

What shapes and colors of plates should I use for good feng shui?

Question: What Colors and Shapes of Plates Should I Use in My Kitchen for Good Feng Shui? What plates should I use in my kitchen for good feng shui? Are round dishes better feng shui than the square ones? What color is best feng shui for plates, or does it depend on the kitchen location?

Can feng shui health solutions help me lose weight?

Question: Can Feng Shui Health Tips Help Me Lose Weight? I want to lose weight, how can I enhance my house with feng shui guidelines (crystals, colours, etc) to help me with my goal? Thank you, I appreciate your time. Answer: The first place you should focus your feng shui efforts when trying to lose