How to create good feng shui in a small office with no windows

Good is possible even in the most challenging offices or homes. If you have to work long hours in a small office with no windows, there are three to help you make the best of it.

dezeen 52 by Suppose Design Office 04 How to create good feng shui in a small office with no windows

So, before you look into bringing good office feng shui cures, such as a small fountain or rock crystals, be sure to first apply the office feng shui tips below.

    1. Create Good Quality Air and Good Quality Lighting. This is a must for a small office with no windows, because good feng shui cannot exist without good quality air and good light. It is as simple as that.
        • To create good feng shui with proper lighting use at least three levels of lighting in your office and allow yourself to invest in full-spectrum lighting. This will considerably improve your well-being in a small office space with no natural light. Also be sure to bring vibrant feng shui colors to brighten your space, be it with smart feng shui decor cures or even a vibrant wall color.
      • To create good feng shui with good quality air decorate your office with several feng shui air purifying plants. Be sure to choose plants that will tolerate the level of artificial lighting you have available in your small office. You can also invest in an aromatherapy diffuser and choose a combination of essential oils that not only clear the air, but also create vibrant energy. For good feng shui energy in an office, go for eucalyptus, peppermint, orange and rosemary, or choose a ready made blend from a good essential oils supplier.
    1. Bring Good Feng Shui Art To Enliven the Office. Contrary to popular belief, a small space does not need small size art. If you bring one or two over-sized pieces of art into your office and place them well, you will immediately feel a strong shift in the feng shui feel of your space. By good feng shui art I do not mean expensive pieces, but vibrant, bold, energetic art which can be your own photos, posters you can buy on-line, or even your children’s art!You can also choose a big wall mural with either a nature, or a city scene (depending on the energy you want to create in your office). Contemporary high quality wall murals with beautiful images can create excellent feng shui in any space, especially in an office with challenging feng shui.
  1. Place Your Desk in A Feng Shui Commanding Position and Have Good Backing. If possible, place your desk in the feng shui commanding position, as well as have good feng shui backing; this is very important for your well-being in the office.

Most importantly, after long hours in a small office with no windows, be sure to take care of your personal energy by giving it the healing energy it really needs – spend some time in nature, by a body of water, or by the fire with good friends.

Understand that no matter how good of a feng shui energy you create in a small office with no windows, your body will still be craving the vast expansive energy available only in nature, the healing power of feng shui elements, such as fire, water or wood, as well as the warmth of a genuine human interaction.

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