Basic feng shui tips for your daily health and wellbeing

Stress that we are not aware of damages us the most, says Gabor Mate in his excellent book “When the Body says No”.

Can help you identify the stress points in your environment, and, more importantly, can help neutralize or eliminate them? Yes, of course it can.

10 daily habits for health Basic feng shui tips for your daily health and wellbeing

You have to start by paying attention to factors that drain your energy throughout the day. When do you feel your energy levels drop? Can you make a connection between lower energy levels and spending time in a specific home or office environment (or with specific people)?

Once you become more aware of the factors that lower your energy, focus on finding ways to change the situations that cause that invisible (or way too visible!) stress.

In over 90% of highly stressful and busy schedules, by changing the energy flow in your space (home and business), you will get back higher levels of personal energy. This will allow you to sustain the desired quality of life in a more effortless, more gracious way.

Being active and being productive are definitely not the same thing and hard work does not always equal great work. Let’s focus on smart, intelligent, genuinely productive and really nourishing ways to keep your energy levels high while aiming to achieve your desired goals.

There are many environmental stress factors that can considerably lower your energy. From the high EMF devices we commonly use, such as cell phones, computers, many home and office appliances to the long list of toxic pollutants common in our indoor and outdoor air. Know how to protect your health and your energy levels on a basic level, and then be sure to apply basic feng shui to considerably enhance the energy.

It is important to understand that feng shui alone will not help you deal with a toxic home, or a toxic office. In many cases you have to take practical steps to deal with any given situation, and then enhance the energy with feng shui.

As with everything else in life, it all depends on your attitude, as well as on what you focus your energy upon. The focus on health, well-being, high energy levels, genuine productivity will bring much better and quicker results than the focus on fighting against negative energy or factors that lower your energy levels. Often what you fight against becomes stronger as you give it more energy by focusing on it. Be smart and stay connected to higher energy while dealing with its lower expressions.

Speaking of energy, below are some quick feng shui suggestions to get you from the “AA” Zone: Always Active zone to the “EE” zone: Efficient and Energizing one. Energy being all around us, let’s first focus on the most basic, fundamental expressions of energy, and see how you can use them to sustain higher personal energy levels.

Let’s focus on Sound and Light.

SOUND: Find an alarm clock with an option of soothing, gently energizing sounds and program it for different occasions. You want to wake up to gentle soothing sounds of a blessing for the newly born day, rather than an army horn that pushes you into overdrive while you still might be far away in your dreams.

LIGHT: Avoid harshly waking up your system early in the morning with bright, intimidating bathroom or kitchen lights. Invest in several layers of lighting, or install a dimmer switch. This will allow your body to gently transition from one energy stage to another before being fully awakened. Can you imagine the sun in the sky suddenly rocketing into the 12 o’clock position before the moon fades out?

Don’t do that to your system, watch the patterns in nature and learn to be gentle with yourself. Smooth transitions are important, as they allow you to save & store precious energy you need for achieving the many tasks in life.

The ultimate wisdom is in achieving more with less effort and in finding pleasure from everything you do. Use feng shui cures to create a pleasant and energizing environment to nourish your energy and keep your productivity levels high. Play and experiment with different decor arrangements in your home or office and see what feels best to you.

Go for the best, you know you fully deserve it.

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